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If you are facing drug charges, you are not alone. My over 30 years of criminal defense experience can work to your advantage. I defend those facing all types of marijuana crimes. For students charged with marijuana or other drug crimes, even more is at stake. You could face suspension or expulsion from school in tandem with the serious criminal consequences. A conviction could slam the door shut on your educational opportunities — and, in turn, your career dreams. I can help you handle the charges with the aim of minimizing or avoiding these far-reaching repercussions. I represent students from Oregon State University and other nearby schools who are facing drug charges of any kind. ATTORNEY FORREST REID I am Forrest Reid, a veteran criminal defense attorney with over three decades of experience in this high-stakes field of law. My entire practice rests on a commitment to defending the rights of the accused. I have represented more than 15,000 defendants and handled thousands of trials over the course of my career. My experience spans a broad range of state and federal offenses, including DUIIs, criminally negligent homicide, sex offense allegations, drug offenses and serious white collar crimes. Few other lawyers in the area can claim such an extensive record. Beyond this big-league experience, I go one step further, offering the personal approach of a small-town attorney. I was raised in Albany and am deeply entrenched in the community. By appearing in court day in and day out, I have built a respected reputation. My work has also led to a valuable network of professional connections. I pass these strengths along to my clients.


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