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Ganja Law, P.A., came about due to the extensive consulting and work done by or through our team. Boots on the ground throughout the United States and the Caribbean. It didn’t stop there as we were then ushered to help clients in Malaysia and Africa. Ganja Law, P.A., is the one-stop, industry expert and a leading source of knowledge, skill and experience in the cannabis/HEMP industries. Our clients’ are both domestic and international. Ganja Law, P.A., and its legal, affiliate and consulting teams have more than 75 years of defense and industry experience, training and knowledge. Along with the marijuana industry comes matters concerning money laundering, Federal & State taxes, RICO, trafficking, bank and wire fraud, seed to sale documentation, regulatory compliance, care-giver growing and allowances, patient rights, and conspiracy. Our firm can handle your legal and/or business issues from seed to sale and all points in between. We endeavor to keep you safe, healthy and profitable; however, should you have come to us too late, we shall endeavor to champion your defense. Those at Ganja Law are well versed, knowledgeable and skilled in the areas of: criminal and regulatory defense, cultivation, DNA tagging, licensing, licensing application and qualifications, growing regulations, seed to sale issues, hydroponic and soil growing, nutrient enrichment, pesticides, Marijuana Enforcement Division regulations, dispensary regulation, HEMP, MIP regulation, extracting and isolation and relating administrative laws. Our team members have an extensive knowledge of healthcare, pharmaceutical and pharmacology. In fact, one of our legal team members was the president of one of Central America’s largest pharmaceutical chains, dealing with almost every major manufacturer. He was also Healthcare Attorney of the Year for the Medical Federation as well as General Counsel for a major hospital and outpatient centers. With such chemistry and compounding knowledge, our team consults with many MIP operators for the proper methodology and techniques for CBD and THC refinement, extraction and resulting products and by-products.

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