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James A. Bullard, Jr. is a Richmond law firm that was established to provide aggressive, creative and superior representation in criminal defense throughout Central Virginia area and beyond. Mr. Bullard and our staff work diligently to provide quality representation to those fighting marijuana criminal charges, and we can help you challenge the allegations brought against you. When you have been accused of a crime, you need to be confident that your attorney has the trial skills and knowledge to adamantly and effectively address your charges. Our team is led by Attorney Bullard, a former prosecutor who possesses the insight and experience needed to ensure you receive a fair trial and a detailed and comprehensive defense. When you enlist our firm to address your charges, you can trust that your case will be handled by a dedicated and thorough attorney who will adamantly fight for your freedom. We have been able to achieve dismissal and acquittal on behalf of our clients for a variety of charges, from possession of marijuana to first degree murder through the use of a firearm. Our vast experience and understanding of the law allows our team to investigate all evidence brought against our clients and build thorough and compelling cases to relentlessly advocate for their rights and interests. When you face misdemeanor, felony, or federal charges, your very future is on the line, and you cannot afford to risk your case in the hands of a public defender; you need the advocacy of James A. Bullard Jr., P.C. We are proud to offer a free case evaluation to those facing criminal charges throughout the area. POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA IN VIRGINIA In Virginia the possession of marijuana is handled differently than the possession of other illegal substances. The penalties for marijuana possession in Virginia are found in ß 18.2-250.1 of the state code. - First Offense- Misdemeanor (30 days in jail and a possible $500 fine) - Second Offense- Class 1 Misdemeanor (One year in jail and a possible $2,500) To avoid a possible drug conviction, be sure to obtain a hard-hitting drug crime attorney to defend you in court. Attorney Bullard has a proven track record of success and he will fight tirelessly to beat your drug charges.

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