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Our firm helps people who have been accused of major marijuana offenses or trafficking. We have been defending clients since 1998. Our motto is, “Texas friendly spoken here.” Although we are based in Austin, we have a state-wide practice, ensuring that your defense is fair and impartial. We are ready to travel anywhere to assist you. We offer a flat-fee quote for legal services when you call for a free consultation – you will know the full cost upfront. At the Law Office of Chris Dorbandt, we are very experienced in handling possession of marijuana cases. If you have been charged with a marijuana possession offense, you need to retain our services as soon as possible. We can help by investigating and collecting necessary evidence to defeat a charge. Remember, in the United States you are presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Pleading “guilty” or “no contest” to a drug crime will leave you with a criminal record for the remainder of your life. A criminal conviction is a public record. How might this incident impact your personal or professional life, especially if you’ve been convicted of a felony or serious misdemeanor? We fight marijuana and other drug convictions from all angles. We assert a wide range of defenses and challenges to constitutional violations that apply in these particular criminal cases. We frequently assert “Miranda rights violations.” In Texas, the standard of whether any incriminating statement (i.e., a statement which tends to admit guilt) is admissible into evidence is based upon “voluntariness.” If we can demonstrate to the Court that the police coerced you (i.e., intimidated or tricked you) into making a confession or inculpatory statement, or that they did not properly read you your Miranda Rights, then we can suppress those statements and any evidence gathered as a direct result of those statements. In addition, the “denial of right to Counsel” is another defense which is often raised. This occurs when a suspect is in custody and requests to speak to their attorney, but is denied the right to contact an attorney and police questioning continues. Other defenses may include challenging the validity of any search warrant or whether there were “forensic flaws” during the investigation of your case. Depending on what you have been charged with, this could include exposing flawed procedures regarding blood, breath, and urine testing or fingerprint analysis.

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