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If you have been arrested in Austin, Texas for Possession of Marijuana or another criminal charge, then you need a good criminal defense lawyer who will care about your case as much as you do. Austin criminal defense attorney Kevin Bennett takes the defense of his clients very seriously and understands that behind every case, someone’s life and future is at stake. Kevin Bennett understands that sometimes people make bad mistakes and that many individuals are falsely accused of crimes they did not commit. Whether you are facing a felony or misdemeanor marijuana charge, Austin marijuana lawyer Kevin Bennett is willing to defend you and fight to try to get your case dismissed or reduced. The Law Office of Kevin Bennett defends individuals accused of marijuana possession in Austin and Travis County, Texas. Kevin Bennett is an Austin criminal defense lawyer that works with each client to develop a specific defense strategy that is tailored to each individual case. When you hire Kevin Bennett to represent you in your marijuana possession case, or in any other type of criminal case, you can rest assured that Mr. Bennett will take your case personally and will use his experience, skill and resources to seek the best outcome. If you are confused or unsure in how to proceed with your criminal case, contact Attorney Kevin Bennett for a free initial consultation. Kevin Bennett can help explain the charge or charges against you, he can give you an overview of the Travis County court process, and can work closely with you to develop a strong defense to either your felony or misdemeanor case. The Law Office of Kevin Bennett can also help you expunge your criminal record or seal your criminal record, when possible.

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