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At MayesTelles, a significant amount of the cases that we take on involve marijuana. Whether it is possession of marijuana or possession for sale, there are significant penalties on the line. MayesTelles is dedicated to putting forth our full efforts when taking on any type of drug case and we have had extensive success. Our two main attorneys are an experienced trial attorney and a former prosecutor, which provides our team with valuable knowledge and insight that can be used to defend you from every possible angle. Some of our most recent successes include: - Possession of Marijuana (Felony 6) reduced to Misdemeanor - Possession of Marijuana for Sale (Felony 2) reduced to Probation Order - Conspiracy to Possess Marijuana for Sale (Felony 2) dismissed - Conspiracy to Commit Possession of Marijuana for Sale (Felony 2) dismissed WHO WE ARE David Telles David Telles is a criminal defense attorney and partner at the Phoenix, Arizona law firm of MayesTelles. His extensive legal and law enforcement background serve to benefit his practice. He formerly worked in occupations such as prosecutor, U.S. Air Force, DEA, and Secret Service. Throughout his career, David Telles has handled felony and misdemeanor criminal cases of all types. His passion is to protect his clients' rights in every situation. J. Blake Mayes Attorney J. Blake Mayes is a criminal defense attorney with MayesTelles. He is committed to securing justice for clients facing felony and misdemeanor criminal accusations. Mayes is known for his exceptional communication ability and relentless advocacy for each client and case he takes on. When he is not practicing law, he enjoys volunteering and other pro bono activities, such as participating as a mentor with Phoenix Youth-At-Risk.

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