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Many legal professionals offer a single service or focus on one area of law. At Purdy & Bailey, A Law Firm, we have found that our practice areas are so thoroughly interconnected that we cannot reduce what we do to a single field. Our business lawyers can help you to navigate through legal matters related to business litigation, real estate transactions, and cannabis law. The work that we do in each of these areas helps strengthen our knowledge and proficiency in others. Our ability to approach challenges from multiple legal perspectives opens up unique avenues to our clients. At Purdy & Bailey, A Law Firm, we believe that preventative maintenance is better than crisis management. When a client chooses to work with us from the outset of their business, we work tirelessly to build a strong, lasting foundation and set them up for success. Our seasoned San Diego business attorneys have half a century of combined experience and are confident in their transactional work, minimizing your liabilities to the fullest extent of the law. When faced with unavoidable disputes, we work to compile a comprehensive legal strategy to protect your assets and your interests. We have extensive courtroom experience and do not back down when we are protecting our clients’ rights. HOW CAN OUR FIRM HELP YOU? First, anyone engaging in any of the regulated marijuana activities must, like anyone else engaged in the provision of goods or services to others, consider the very real possibility of civil third-party liability, including claims for alleged tortious acts (by, for example, providing product that is unsafe), breach of contract, or any of a wide variety of other possible claims. Thus, it makes sense to consider forming a corporation or limited liability company for purposes of limiting potential exposure. Specializing in private entity formation, we are able to structure formation and charter documents so as to maximize not only your insulation from personal liability but also maximize the effectiveness of the argument that you are conducting and participating in regulated activities in compliance with state and local law as well as the dictates of the Cole Memo. Second, anyone engaging in regulated activities should not fear written agreements memorializing investment, financing, vender-vendee, employment, and subcontractor terms with third parties. Such agreements for good reasons deal with all sorts of issues (partnership, control, compliance, milestones, indemnity, warranties, dispute resolution, to name a few). Such fears were well-founded in the past because such documents could be evidence of federal criminal conduct warranting federal prosecution. Instead, today, persons engaging in regulated activities should develop and use such documentation—not only because it makes good sense to memorialize obligations and establish boundaries with persons and companies you deal with, but also because if such documentation is carefully crafted, you can actually facilitate proof of compliance at the state, local and all important federal levels. Specializing in the drafting of written agreements and all sorts of related documentation, we can provide the advice you need in this area. Third, we can assist with state and local regulatory compliance. Finally, we are very well connected to other professionals in this field, including criminal defense attorneys and CPAs.

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