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Our mission is to empower widespread acceptance of cannabis through advocacy and awareness. Cannabis was one of the most abundant and widely used plants for thousands of years before prohibition. As a sustainable, resilient, renewable resource with more than 20,000 medical and industrial uses, cannabis has untapped potential to solve perplexing medical, environmental and economic issues facing our society today. Groundbreaking discoveries about the endo-cannabinoid system in recent years have shown that cannabinoids derived from the Cannabis plant are of vital necessity for human health. Lack of awareness, cultural stigma and shortage of clinical studies conducted in the U.S. remain barriers to acceptance and regulation. Education is key to dispelling myths, engendering public trust and earning the credibility necessary to galvanize public support of nationwide regulation. We aim to engender acceptance and support advocacy leading to eventual policy change so that the industry can continue to grow and thrive. ABOUT THE SHOW The Cannabis Reporter Radio Show is the first all-cannabis program to be nationally syndicated for broadcast on commercial and community radio network stations throughout North America! Listen in as host Snowden Bishop explores the potential for cannabis to transform the field of medicine, ways in which it can improve human health and reasons why cannabis regulation is good for our economy, environment and society at large. Each episode begins with a topical introduction followed by a “Medical Marijuana Minute” and engaging interviews featuring some of the industry’s most notable medical experts, lawmakers, celebrity advocates and other compelling guests.

The Team

  • Snowden Bishop
  • Editor-In-Chief & Radio Show Host
  • Snowden is an award-winning producer and journalist whose career began as an anchor at NBC affiliates. She worked with major media companies before following her passion for sustainability and compassionate care. Her work is guided by her personal mission to create a better world, one word at a time.
  • Star Simmons
  • Publisher
  • Star is an experienced business leader whose career began in accounting and finance with publicly traded companies. She has unique talent for creating rewarding alliances using principles of corporate social responsibility. She has a passion for sustainability and belief in the healing power of cannabis.
  • Christian Nolan
  • Vice President of Information Technology
  • Christian’s impeccable skills and aesthetic sensibilities have attracted attention of leading companies in multiple industries including publishing, fashion, healthcare, design and online education. He specializes in applying cutting edge technology and functionalities to impressive designs.
  • Nubia Armenta
  • Director of Social Media
  • Nubia a cutting-edge and millennial-purposed health and wellness professional who has extensive experience driving brand awareness through social media. She holds three Associate degrees in Business, Arts and Product Development as well as a Certificate in Health and Wellness.
  • Debra Dilger
  • Radio Marketing Strategist
  • Debra is a principal at Be Real Management and Ambassador of Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce. She has held Media Sales and Business Development roles at Comcast NBC Universal, Tribune Broadcasting, CBS Radio, Entercom’s 100.3 The Sound and Downtown Film Festival LA.
  • Meet Our Medical Advisors -
  • Dr. Bryan Doner
  • Senior Medical Advisor
  • Dr. Bryan Doner is the Attending E.R. Physician, a Fellow of American Professional Wound Care Association and founder of Compassionate Certification Centers. As an advocate, he educates doctors and patients and is the voice of The Cannabis Reporter Radio Show’s Medical Marijuana Minute.
  • Dr. Bryan Doner joined us in 2016 as the voice of The Cannabis Reporter Radio Show’s Medical Marijuana Minute. He is an attending Emergency Physician in the E.R. of Armstrong County Memorial Hospital in Pittsburgh, PA, where he is also Co-Director of the Wound & Hyperbaric Center, Medical Director of the Primary Stroke Center, and President/CEO of D&P Medical Group. He has Board-certification in Emergency Medicine and Hyperbaric & Wound Care Specialty and is a Fellow of the American Professional Wound Care Association. Dr. Doner began extensive research in cannabis nearly six years ago and has since immersed himself in the cannabis business as an investor and entrepreneur. His is owner of a medical marijuana nursery and dispensary and founder of Compassionate Certification Centers, He advocates for advanced research and clinical study, and educates medical practitioners and patients about the benefits medical marijuana.
  • Christian Bogner, M.D.
  • Christian Bogner, M.D. is a former Chief of Surgery with an added specialty in Plant Based Nutrition with certification from Cornell University. Having researched the benefits of cannabis for the last decade, he is currently working on novel treatment modalities for autism spectrum disorders. He is a frequent speaker at events and guested on The Cannabis Reporter Radio Show in 2016.
  • Christian Bogner, M.D. has been researching, writing about and speaking on the benefits of cannabis for managing autism spectrum disorders for the last decade. As former chief of surgery who is convinced that a healthy lifestyle is the best medicine, he added a specialty certification in Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell University. With a firm belief that autism is an environmental disease based on his research linking evidence about GcMAF, cannabinoids, nagalase, glyphosate and advanced liver regeneration, he is currently working on novel treatment modalities for autism spectrum disorders. Dr. Bogner was a featured speaker at the first annual World Medical Cannabis Conference & Expo in Pittsburgh and frequently speaks at other medical marijuana conferences around the country. He was a featured guest on The Cannabis Reporter Radio Show’s Autism Special Episode in 2016, and has also been featured on VICE’s Weediequette, among others.

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