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Marijuana is clearly the most common drug encountered by our defense lawyers. Arrests involving marijuana are relatively common in New Jersey and this is not surprising when you consider that it is estimated that as much as $35 billion of marijuana is grown in this country every year. If you or a loved one find themselves charged with possessing or selling marijuana, we can help. Get the answers you deserve immediately from one of our seasoned marijuana lawyers. Our team of attorneys has over forty years of experience defending marijuana charges in New Jersey and includes a former prosecutor who has handled literally hundreds of these cases. We routinely appear in Municipal and County Courts throughout the State on cannabis related charges. Whether you have been charged with possession of marijuana, possession with intent to distribute, or a school zone offense, a lawyer at our firm possesses expertise in defending marijuana offenses. An attorney from our law firm is available immediately to address your concerns. Our years of experience have taught us that every marijuana case is fact sensitive and that a thorough defense is the key. We explore every marijuana case to identify any issues that can assist us in defending and/or negotiating the best outcome for our clients. Examples of these issues include: - Was there probable cause to stop your car? - Was the search of your person, home or car proper? - Can the state prove possession or control of the marijuana? - Is there enough evidence to establish distribution? - Was there proper chain of custody and testing of the marijuana?


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