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Formulated with a proprietary blend of all natural ingredients, UNDOO™ is an innovative, patent-pending formula designed to efficiently and quickly clear your head of the discomfort associated with THC overconsumption. Contains NO cannabis, NO CBD, NO sugar, and NO caffeine. WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO TAKE UNDOO™? Always take with PLENTY of water (at least 12oz). You must take the softgels with water for maximum results. You can take 1 or 2 softgels, depending upon your need (for swifter relief, take both softgels at once). For Edibles see comments below. WHAT SHOULD I EXPECT? You can expect that you will achieve a sense of clarity yet still feel the benefits of the THC. You will be left clear headed but calm, cool, and comfortable. WHEN I TAKE AN UNDOO™ SOFTGEL, HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE FOR THE UNCOMFORTABLE FEELING TO GO AWAY? The amount of time will vary, depending upon the individual, the type and amount of Cannabis consumed and the ingestion method. UNDOO™ softgel eases the intensity, and shortens the duration of the effects, bringing swift relief typically within 5-20 minutes. However, with strong edibles and concentrates it could take up to an hour for significant clarity. WILL IT KILL MY BUZZ? UNDOO™ is an emergency supplement intended to clear your head and ease the intensity of the buzz in a short period of time. It does not eliminate the feeling of well being often experienced with THC.

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