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Our clients are trailblazers, building a new and vibrant industry from scratch. Each and every one of them has made a conscious decision to assume a certain level of risk in order to change the course of history. As trailblazers ourselves, we take pride in being with them every step along the way, helping them navigate and overcome unique legal and regulatory challenges. We understand every aspect of the marijuana industry — even aspects that are not yet fully developed. Whether you are looking to enter the industry or invest in it, we can assist and guide you. We do not call ourselves “The Marijuana Law Firm” for nothing. No other firm in the country can compete with our experience in all facets of the marijuana industry. SHAPING THE LAWS While there are other firms that can provide legal representation to marijuana industry clients, no firm can compete with Vicente Sederberg in terms of involvement in shaping the marijuana laws themselves. Our attorneys literally wrote Amendment 64, which established the legal marijuana market in Colorado, and served on the governor’s task force to implement the law. Since then, we have been hired by Pueblo County in Colorado to help the county draft their local retail marijuana ordinances. On the regulatory side, our attorneys helped shape the regulations under which the Colorado marijuana system operates. As far as state laws and regulations go, our voices are respected and our opinions are sought, not just in Colorado, but in other states and even in other countries. CONNECTING THE PLAYERS Since the Colorado legislature established the world’s first fully regulated, for-profit system of marijuana cultivation and sales in 2010, we have been deeply engaged in the process of bringing various parties together. This was a critical aspect of the industry’s formation and growth in Colorado, as the new law imposed a vertical integration component on the system, meaning that independent marijuana growers and sellers were suddenly forced to merge operations. As the industry expands to other states, where prospective local investors and owners are often seeking operational assistance from out of state, our experience bringing teams together is invaluable. BUILDING THE INDUSTRY In addition to addressing the immediate needs of our clients, we encourage them to see the bigger picture. This is where all of our areas of expertise come together. Our attorneys have generally cut their teeth on the advocacy side of the marijuana movement and maintain that mindset. Having fought for years to end marijuana prohibition, we see the regulated cultivation and sale of marijuana as the means of finally putting that system to rest. We know, however, that the expansion of the industry is dependent upon it growing responsibly. We are not looking to build an industry focused solely on profits; we want to work with individuals interested in building an industry of which we can all be proud.


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  • - "The country's first powerhouse marijuana law firm." -Rolling Stone

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