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Reliable Medical Marijuana Delivery Service: Since its legalization, medical marijuana has given new life to patients with a variety of health issues. However, work or family obligations can make it difficult for many San Diego residents get to their local medical marijuana dispensary. Thankfully, Flash Buds is here to help! Serving the greater San Diego County area, we stand behind our service with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Dedicated to providing a premier service, our collective bridges that gap with our convenient and discreet medical marijuana delivery service. Quality Marijuana Delivery Selection: Guaranteed to be fresh upon arrival, Flash Buds only offers top-shelf Indicas, Sativas, Hybrids, Edibles. Tested to ensure the highest standard of potency and quality, each strains unique properties are sure to impress. In addition to the medical marijuana products, we offer a full line of gear including vaporizers, pre rolls, and papers to make your experience more convenient. Once verified, members can place an order and schedule their medical cannabis delivery. At Flash Buds, we are happy to accommodate patient request for new products, take some time to browse our menu and tell us what you are looking for! Friendly Medical Cannabis Delivery Service: Delivering medical marijuana From Del Mar to Coronado Island, we’re more than a “weed delivery service.” Our passion isn’t just cannabis! Our true passion is ensuring that our patients receive the compassion and medication they need to improve their overall quality of life. We believe a little goes a long way, and we’re always ready to go that extra mile for our patients. Medical Cannabis Delivery to San Diego! Our friendly staff invites San Diego residents to try a brand new platinum level of service at the Flash Buds San Diego Medical Marijuana Delivery Collective. Proud to call San Diego home, we serve our patients with the quality care, patience, and respect.


  • Southern California’s PREMIER Medical Marijuana Collective Serving the Greater San Diego Area.

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