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The Giving Tree Wellness Center is a leading Arizona medical marijuana dispensary. We opened our doors in May 2013 and expanded to include a Mesa location in July 2013. At Giving Tree, we work with medical professionals collaboratively to help certified patients access high quality medical cannabis to treat pain, nausea and other symptoms. Unlike other dispensaries, Giving Tree Wellness Center takes a holistic approach in supporting our clients by offering a range of medical marijuana products along with alternative healing methods to promote the best quality of life possible through both our North Phoenix and Mesa locations. These alternative therapies – such as massage and acupuncture – are available at reduced prices, well below industry standards, in order to make it convenient and affordable to obtain these services at one location. Medical cannabis is a natural herb and we sell only quality flowers grown organically, or through Deep Water Culture (DWC) also known as hydroponic growing. Whether you prefer using a smokable product, a medicated edible, capsule, or topical, we will work with you to determine the best means of medicine delivery to address your symptoms.

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New Patient Deals

First time patient? Welcome to the Giving Tree!! To celebrate you get a free pre-roll!!! Thanks for making the Giving Tree your dispensary of choice.

Daily Deals


INTRODUCING A NEW SPECIAL! 8am - 10am Friday mornings, enjoy the EARLY BIRD HAPPY HOUR! Any full priced eighth receives a FREE PreRoll!

Birthday Bonus:

Happy Birthday To You! So you say it's your birthday? Well then... come on over to the Giving Tree for a free pre-roll anytime in your birthday month! And, hey, thanks just for being you!

GivingTree Assistance:

The Giving Tree Assistance Program, or G-TAP, is available for qualified patients on long term disability, SNAP or ACHHS/Medicaid. Please inquire at the front desk for more details if you think you may qualify for GTAP!

20% off tier 3 & 4 medicine for qualified patients who are approved for GTAP.

Monday Funday!:

Monday Funday is here! All Co2 vape oil, every edible, and the amazing GTWC Bubble Hash are 10% off! Case of the Mondays? Not at GTWC!

Mondays, 10% off all CO2 oil, edibles, and bubble hash!

Weekend Sampler:

TGIF just became TGISS at the Giving Tree! All day long, 10a-4p, every Saturday and Sunday, when you buy an 1/8th of any strain you get a free half gram on the house! The sky is the limit...Only at the Giving Tree.

Free half gram with purchase of any 1/8 ounce

Happy Hours at GTWC!:

We are proud to announce Happy Hour at both Giving Tree locations! Here's the deal: Tue/Wed/Thur from 2p - 4:20p get a FREE preroll with the purchase of an 1/8th. Buy one 1/8th get one preroll. Buy two 1/8ths get two prerolls. And on and on it goes - the savings just keep adding up! Don't delay - come to the Giving Tree today - and Get Happy!!

Tue/Wed/Thur 2 - 4:20pm


  • - Massage therapy
  • - Acupuncture
  • - Yoga

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