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About Dank by Pank

Dank by Pank was formed by impassioned Colorado growers striving to advance standards of cannabis breeding and genetic preservation through refined artisanal practices and a novel scientific approach. With unprecedented access to unique and highly-elite breeding stock, our breeders are working with the best traits from hundreds of sought-after clone only varieties. In combination with an existing seed stock, Dank by Pank's mission is to proliferate and preserve the genetics of previously exclusive cannabis genetics. Using cutting-edge scientific techniques like gene sequencing and cannbinoid/terpene analysis, we can better select valuable traits from the cannabis gene pool. Our seeds are the revolutionary product of the groundbreaking with modern, research-backed knowledge. Our Mission is to produce the highest quality cannabis products in environments that are entertaining and fun, promote a healthy community, stimulate local economies, and provide positive environments for adults to relax. In our quest to find the most solid performers, highest potencies, and greatest diversity of terpene and cannabinoid profiles, we utilize many modern, cutting-edge tools. There is much that can be deciphered with the naked eye, as well as one’s nose and taste buds; however there is much more to be told than our senses, no matter how keen, can relay. Thanks to our established and ongoing relationship with the scientific community, we have the opportunity to explore cannabis through modern, laboratory-based techniques. By working with professionals who share our passion for cannabis with us, we are building a brighter future for the plant, and ensuring that pure, heirloom varieties will always exist in seed form. Awards 2014 - Silver Medal Colorado Medical Cannabis Cup 2013 - Bronze Medal Amsterdam Cannabis Cup 2012 - Best Medical Cannabis by Westword

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