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Provide top quality foods and sweet treats at affordable rate. Medicated food and treats to and non-medical treat too.


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Kim Vega

D'TreatzAZ is a company dedicated to providing an assortment of edibles infused with superior Nano CBD. I suffer from crippling Arthritis, Lupus, Fibro and Degenerative spinal disease. Pain is a crippling reality for me daily and this company's products allow me to function period; and they all taste awesome. Thanks guys!!!!!

November 2018

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Faith Dallas Faith Dallas
Glendale AZ
My experience

Why I stopped using Discreet Treats: Back in January I received a free bag of “cbd gummies” from discreet treats for their delay in delivery and lack of communication. Well I opened the bag and sure as shit they looks and smelled EXACTLY like haribo gummy bears. I even had Randy try it out to make sure that I just wasn’t being crazy- he agreed. We then decided to buy haribo gummy bears and compared the two. The EXACT SAME. I wasn’t going to leave a bad review and instead just confronted the owner about it. He told me that my gummy bears supposedly had 5 mg of CBD and 10 mg of terpenes in it. I call bull fucking shit. Incase you don’t know terpenes have a really strong aroma. And these had NONE. Other than what a bag of haribo gummy bears would smell like. I was in the fence of writing a bad review and decided not to since they were free. Wellll....my nano capsules stopped working. (Not free I paid a good chunk of change) I was having anxiety constantly. It was horrible. In one day I probably consumed 6 of their nano capsules and I felt zero relief. Instead I had a panic attack that woke me up in the middle of the night. It was then that I realized I was fucking duped. It sucks and it makes me so mad. Do not recommend

March 2019

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