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We are an edibles producer in California. Founded by a Master Pastry Chef, we have been an honorable mention in the High Times Cannabis Cup three times. We enjoy making both sweet and savory creations. FROM MAMA KUSH Growing up in sunny San Diego, I developed a deep love for the culinary world as a young child. I was a self taught chef and learned the "do's" and "don'ts" of the cooking world quickly. That was when I made the decision to further my career and go to The Culinary Institute of America, trained by Cordon Bleu Chefs to become a Master Pastry Chef. I loved seeing how much joy my amazing treats brought to my friends, family, and colleagues, so i pushed the envelope further. I decided to start making medicated baked goods for a family friend that was in extreme pain from a rare form of cancer. I let my creative side take over, and soon started baking endless possibilities, from sugary sweets to savory infused beef jerky. Helping people and baking food are both very satisfying endeavors for me. Bringing the best of both worlds together, MaMa Kush Edibles was born. Now I am an honorable mention three years in a row at the High Times Cannabis Cup. Each year gets better and better and I am very blessed to be on this journey. Love, MaMaKush.


  • - Graduate of Le Cordon Bleu
  • - Graduate of Culinary Institute of America
  • - Three time Cannabis Cup Honorable Mention
  • - Wholesale only

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