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Mullaways Medical Cannabis Pty Ltd, an Australian Company, has developed a natural low dose cannabinoid-derived medicine for the treatment of chronic pain which is involved in a range of conditions including endocannabinoid imbalance, severe uncontrolled epilepsy, cancer treatment, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, terminal illnesses and Crohn's disease. Mullaways Medical Cannabis has cross-bred different types of the plant to produce new strains that could be used to develop cannabinoid medicines to treat a wide range of disorders. The first of these 'Super breeds' of medicinal cannabinoids developed in Australia, called the Cleverman will be registered with IP Australia who administer Plant Breeder's Rights. Research Leader and Director Anthony David Bower said, "It has been demonstrated that there are something like 80 cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, and to date only a small number have been looked at in any detail." Mullaways Medical Cannabis proposes to research and develop other cannabinoid based medicines including patches, creams, oils and edibles that have therapeutic benefits and that may be delivered more safely and effectively than by smoking cannabis. The company also proposes to conduct research into the different methods of growing the cannabis plant and conduct research into the basic chemistry and pharmacology of cannabinoids with the aim of developing cannabinoid based medicines of an acceptable standard that may be delivered more safely and effectively than by smoking cannabis.

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