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About Natera

Natera hemp superfoods is a division of Naturally Splendid Enterprises, a Canadian company dedicated to offering natural plant based food choices, which promotes healthy living through sustainable and complete nutritional solutions for you and your family. Naturally Splendid, the pioneers of these tasty and amazing hemp seed products and hemp protein powders are expanding across Canada as well as globally to ensure that the power of hemp reaches as many people’s lives as possible. Natera exists to give people the best, most sustainable nutrition possible. Our sense of corporate responsibility starts with choosing to grow a plant that gives back to the soil what it takes out, in a healthy perpetual cycle, and never depletes it. Everything we do or touch in our business flows from this symbolic existence of the hemp plant, in a tightly connected cycle of responsibility. We are anchored by an assurance of quality for our customers – all the hemp that goes into Natera products is meticulously cultivated and processed to ensure maximum quality, real health benefits and superior taste. Agricultural practices are highly sustainable among our growers. From the farms that grow our foods, through production, packaging and transportation, we are committed to acting in an ethical and environmentally beneficial way while delivering on our promise of safe, nutritious food choices. We embrace innovation, always looking for better ways to contribute positively to our customers’ health. In transporting our products, we seek ways to lower our impact on global warming by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We also try to source ingredients with low embedded emissions. In our offices and warehouses, sustainable practices are highly integrated into our business systems. It goes far beyond recycling and cycling to work – but we do those things, too. We are members of Materials Management BC, reflecting our commitment to dramatic reductions in waste in our economy. In other words, sustainability at Natera is at the heart of our business – just part of the whole of what we do and why we do it. After all, our mission is to provide people with optimum nutrition from truly sustainable sources. It naturally follows that we share responsibility to the good earth that makes it all possible.


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