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The Farm cultivates 100% of our own Craft Cannabis in Boulder, CO, where our team consists of expert growers, master curers, educated bud-tenders, and many more passionate and dedicated members. We employ sustainable growing techniques with small-batch outputs to bring out the best quality of each and every plant. Our goal is to consistently grow high-grade cannabis with only the most exceptional aroma, flavor, and effects. At the Farm, we are passionate about producing only the best cannabis. Why? Because we care about the health and well-being of our customers, our employees and our community. Ultimately we want to share the experience that drives us in delivering the highest quality product batch after batch. We take personal pride in blending the art and science of growing only the finest cannabis, with exceptional aroma, flavor, and effects. These qualities inspire our breeding efforts in search of the perfect combination of traits to deliver the absolute best cannabis experience. All of our meticulous plant care effort is about bringing out the fullest expression of the plant’s genetic potential. At our core, we are craft cannabis growers and we don’t sell anything we wouldn’t smoke ourselves. A principal practice at the Farm is the way we design our spaces for small-batch growing. Our facilities are no larger than 10,000 square feet. Within these facilities, instead of building one big flower room, we build multiple smaller bloom rooms to create individual flower batches or bloom crops. This way, our growers can carefully monitor and track every plant and attend to individual plant needs. The strains that comprise crop rooms are matched up, in terms of their growth characteristics and needs, so that growers can better tailor feedings and direct plant care. The same growers, care for each bloom room with pride throughout the entire flower cycle, which is eight to ten weeks depending upon the strains. Our design allows us to harvest an entire room all at once, rather than harvest only parts of one large room. Having smaller rooms with crops unified in their stage of development has made small-batch, craft cannabis quality a reality in large-scale cannabis cultivation.


  • - We apply organic pest- and disease-control mixtures only during pre-flower stages of plant development
  • - We employ a 5 to 8-week drying and curing processes used to achieve a smooth and flavorful smoke
  • - We employ a meticulous pruning procedure developed to promote clean airflow through the plant canopy and to prevent a dense and damp environment where pathogens could thrive

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