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About Lizada Capital, LLC

Lizada Capital, LLC has been established to lead the movement of legal cannabis, now among the fastest growing industries in the United Sates, as a means to improve quality of life by delivering safe and effective products and services to medical patients and other legal users. Lizada will maximize stakeholder value by investing in a wide range of business opportunities, including: - Cultivation of marijuana and/or dispensaries - Entities providing management, compliance, and operational consulting services - Entities providing testing services for purposes of safety, efficacy, quality, and dosage - Entities producing and/or providing paraphernalia products - Entities providing software, technology, and intellectual property Lizada is not a lone pioneer. We stand in great company at the forefront of a powerful movement to improve the lives of millions, while creating potential for above average financial gain to those who recognize the trend's potential and dare to share in the risk. Lizada is exquisitely positioned to blossom into the opportunity of a generation. Our philosophy is built on the following principles: Reputation - We believe our reputation is our greatest asset. It is built and preserved by treating people fairly, being good partners and paying fair valuations. True Partnerships - True partnerships are defined by mutual respect, a shared commitment and an open sharing of ideas. We believe that no one person has all the answers and that through an open sharing of ideas the best strategy will consistently emerge. Long-Term Commitment - We believe that great companies and value are created over long periods of time. Investors who are transaction driven or emphasize immediate returns and other short-term strategies, add little value to the long-term vitality of a company. Business Ethics - We believe business ethics and an equitable deal for our partners are consistent with the creation of long-term value. Stewardship - We have a deep appreciation for a company's legacy and culture, and we take stewardship of businesses seriously. We believe in preserving the unique and valuable aspects of a company's culture while building to the "next level."

The Team

  • STEVEN L. TRENK - Founder, Managing Member
  • For the past four decades, Steven L. Trenk has been a business owner and a prolific investor. Mr. Trenk began his career in 1973 as a bi-coastal innovator in the non-emergency medical transportation business. He spent twenty years providing a broad range of therapeutic healthcare products and services in acute, chronic, and out-patient settings.
  • Mr. Trenk led early efforts in the technology, internet, and alternative energy industries, and has also been an investor in both residential and commercial real estate.
  • Mr. Trenk has spent the last fifteen years in the aviation business, serving the broad tourism market and the narrow charter market in New York City and Las Vegas.
  • Now in response to changes in legislation and the national climate in the medical marijuana segment of the healthcare industry, as well as the movement to legalize the adult use of cannabis in multiple states, Mr. Trenk has created Lizada Capital, LLC as a vehicle to take full advantage of this exciting and rapidly-expanding new frontier.

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