The Bulldog – The First

in Amsterdam

About The Bulldog – The First

Set in the cannabis friendly city of Amsterdam, this cannabis coffeeshop began its story in the 1970 as more of a speakeasy. The First (Bulldog) is an awesome place to visit to smoke a joint, hangout, relax and take in some of the world’s cannabis history. A long time favorite destination of both travelers and locals the bulldog, The First, offers a nice cannabis menu, food, drinks and uniquely historical atmosphere. As the mother of the Bulldog chain, this is definitely a must visit for any cannabis lover visiting the world famous smoking cafes of Amsterdam.

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  • Mon: 8:00 am-1:00 am
  • Tue: 8:00 am-1:00 am
  • Wed: 8:00 am-1:00 am
  • Thu: 8:00 am-1:00 am
  • Fri: 8:00 am-1:00 am
  • Sat: 8:00 am-1:00 am
  • Sun: 8:00 am-1:00 am

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