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You Can Celebrate 4/20 at a Drag Show at Mesa Community College

April 16, 2019

On the smoky, marijuana-inspired “holiday” known as 420 Day, the LGBTQ student organizat... (more)

From the Ground Up: GreenPharms Dispensaries Run on Family and Frugality

December 21, 2018

Marie Paredes Saloum jokes that she couldn’t keep her hibiscus plant alive before she became an expert in an industry based on growing its products. She’s now owner of two Arizona dispensar... (more)

What Are You Smoking? Arizona Patients Share Favorite Medical Marijuana Strains

March 18, 2019

Gone are the days of cannabis falling into one of two categories: “good shit” and “bad shit.” We’re in an age in which our favorite plant comes in a variety that would... (more)

Soaring Highs and Bad Trips: Top 10 Arizona Marijuana News Stories in 2018

December 28, 2018

It was another year for the history books in the Arizona medical-marijuana community, full of ever-growing highs and only a few bummers. Nearly 184,000 Arizonans were active cardholders in ... (more)

Facing Election, Mark Brnovich Changes Sides on Jones Cannabis Extracts Case

October 23, 2018

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich on Monday withdrew his office's argument to the Arizona Supreme Court that cannabis extracts aren't covered under the state's medical marijuana la... (more)

UPS Fires 32-Year Black Employee After Failed Drug Test Despite His Medical-Marijuana Card

January 12, 2018

James Terry gave United Parcel Service 32 years of his life. The company canned him in April the first time he failed a drug test.... (more)

Your Guide to the Best 4/20 Parties and Events in Phoenix in 2019

April 19, 2019

This story was originally published on April 17, 2019. Watchu know about 4/20? Probably some pot jokes or even that April 20th happens to be a major holiday for ... (more)

Card Costs and Lab Tests: What You Need to Know About New Medical Marijuana Law

June 21, 2019

After eight years, big changes are coming to Arizona's medical marijuana program because of SB 1494, a new l... (more)