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Abdullah Saeed of Bong Appétit Is Cooking Dinner in Scottsdale

June 10, 2019

Abdullah Saeed lives a life any stoner would envy. On his Viceland, James-Beard-nominated show Bong Appétit... (more)

Not Your Nana's Pot Brownies: Upscale Cannabis-Infused Fare in Phoenix for 4/20

April 17, 2019

Remember the days when you indulged in pot brownies with your stoner friends? You were basically paralyzed and attached to a musty red couch, lying there helplessly, cracking up over your latest kill ... (more)

10 "High" Things to do in Phoenix

April 06, 2017

10 "High" Things to do in Phoenix... (more)

Your Brain on Pot: How Marijuana Affects Emotions, Senses, and Pain

May 13, 2019

High on marijuana doesn’t mean light-headed. Cannabis consumers describe the feeling in myriad ways. S... (more)

Keep Calm and Drink On: CBD Hemp Water Is Hitting Shelves in Arizona

January 29, 2019

If you need a subtle way to chill out and stay hydrated throughout your day, we have good news. A new line of cannabidiol-hemp-infused waters under the brand name Alkaline88 are hitting th... (more)

Sowing Success: Harvest of Arizona Aims to Be the Largest U.S. Cannabis Company

September 14, 2018

A few years ago, Steve White was risking his money and his freedom in a new and barely legal industry. “You have to remember the context in which we opened our business here in... (more)

Your Guide to the Best 420 Parties and Events in Phoenix

April 19, 2018

No, April 20 isn't officially considered to be a national holiday. But try telling that to the legion of mar... (more)

What Are You Smoking? Arizona Patients Share Favorite Medical Marijuana Strains

March 18, 2019

Gone are the days of cannabis falling into one of two categories: “good shit” and “bad shit.” We’re in an age in which our favorite plant comes in a variety that would... (more)

Judge Rebukes Arizona Walmart for Firing Employee With Medical-Marijuana Card

February 13, 2019

An Arizona Walmart location terminated an employee in 2016 who held a valid medical-marijuana card after a drug test came back positive. But now a federal judge has ruled that b... (more)